Introducing ClarityTM DC - A Revolutionary Approach to PV Array O&M

50% or more of array losses* occur on the DC side of the inverter. Until now, the specific sources and magnitudes of these DC impairments have been difficult to accurately detect and differentiate, and nearly impossible to remedy efficiently. As a result, plant owners/operators struggle with how to maximize yield while minimizing O&M costs.

*from PV Watts derating factors

Draker's Clarity DC provides PV plant owners/operators a game-changing solution to improve Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

Draker deploys Clarity DC monitors selectively within a PV array, gathering real-time voltage, current and power data to within 0.5% accuracy. Draker’s Intelligent Array™ software analyzes this data to diagnose the precise, location-specific sources of DC losses. Coupled with an accurate calculation of the associated revenue loss and costs to remedy, Clarity DC provides actionable ROI-driven O&M intelligence.

Clarity DC can be retrofit to any existing Draker site, or installed on new sites as a standalone DC solution or as part of a comprehensive panel to grid (P2G) Draker performance monitoring and control solution.

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