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>> Clarity DC Monitor Spec Sheet (PDF)

>> White Paper: Draker Clarity DC - Benefits, Cost & Payback Analysis (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most-asked questions about our applications. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, feel free to contact us.

What does Clarity DC provide that I cannot get from my standard AC monitoring?

Clarity DC detects the sources of DC losses with a level of accuracy not available from other DC monitoring approaches. Clarity DC also is able to differentiate among various sources of DC loss – soiling, shading, degradation, mismatch, wiring faults. With this level of accuracy and intelligence, Clarity DC can offer precise answers to the below key questions O&M providers are asking: 

  • How much energy loss is attributable to array soiling?
  • When does it make economic sense to clean my array?
  • Am I losing production due to panel damage or mismatch, weak strings, or wiring faults?
  • If DC fault conditions exist, how large is the production impact? Should I schedule a truck roll?
  • How can I efficiently find the precise location of DC faults to minimize onsite hours and invasive troubleshooting?
  • How do I prioritize corrective maintenance of DC losses across my entire portfolio of sites?
  • Do I have daily or seasonal shade losses, and should I revise my vegetation management plans?
  • At what rate are my panels degrading? Is that in line with specs and warranty? 

Sub-array and string monitoring solutions can’t answer these questions. Only Clarity DC (or a team of on-site technicians actively inspecting the array) can provide these answers. As noted above, Clarity DC’s capabilities and benefits are offered to customers at an attractive price point and ROI.

How does the Clarity DC system change my approach to O&M?

Incorporating Clarity DC into an array provides an opportunity to radically change existing O&M costs and protocols, which today are largely reactive and /or prescriptive (seasonal cleaning for example) based processes. With Clarity DC, such processes can be proactive, payback-driven and remotely directed to exact fault location, without being invasive or affecting energy production. For O&M providers who have access to the Clarity DC software, this results in a safer and more efficient work environment for field personnel, reducing onsite hours by a factor of 3, or more.

Where is the monitor installed, and how is it powered?

Unlike smart combiners or smart sub-combiners, Clarity DC monitors are selectively installed strategically throughout the array, and are wired directly to and powered by individual panels. The power demands of the monitor are minimal, typically well less than 250mW (1/4 Watt). No distributed power or RS485 control wiring is necessary, simplifying installation and lowering first costs.

Will Clarity DC work on thin film panels?

Yes, we have a high-voltage version of the Clarity DC monitor, designed specifically for thin-film arrays:  SPM125V8A.

Will Clarity DC work on 1000 volt arrays?

Absolutely, Clarity DC is accurate and reliable on both 600 and 1000 volt arrays. In fact, Clarity DC is currently installed in several 1000V arrays.

How many monitors are required?

Two (2) monitors per string deliver the best balance between installed system cost, data integrity across the wireless mesh network, and quality of our software-based analytics.

How much trenching/cable/conduit is required?

The monitors communicate wirelessly via our mesh network. The gateways utilize a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) connection to forward mesh-sourced array performance data back to our site server which may require limited conduit, which should be identified during our design review session.

What hardware certifications does the monitor meet?

The Clarity DC monitor has met all applicable certification requirements for North America and Europe. We are compliant with UL60950-1; CSA22.2# 60950-1; IEC 60950; FCC Part 16.247 & Class B; and EN 300328/301489. The Monitor enclosure is IP65 certified.

Do you have any case studies from actual sites that support the economic benefits?

Yes, case studies, including comprehensive ROI analysis will be available soon. Contact sales for more information.

Can I see a live demo of the software?

Yes, we have a 500kW demonstration site with integrated DC, AC and Inverter-level Monitoring available. Contact sales to schedule an online demo.

Will installation of the Clarity monitor void my panel warranty?

No, in fact as panels degrade over time, the Clarity DC Monitoring system will become an essential tool you utilize to validate and document all your panel warranty claims.